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    Power to you!  Nurses and medical workers take on the corporate Goliath, Community Health Systems Inc (and I do mean incorporated).  The problem was and still is the putting of profit ahead of patient health at Deaconess Hospital, Spokane, Wa, and at Valley Hospital, Spokane Valley, Wa.

    Since Community Health Systems Inc. started reducing staffing levels at their hospitals in Spokane and Spokane Valley, patient injuries have increased.  Medical staff is POed, went on strike for one day, and is asking for a bargaining date to discuss a return to staffing levels that can adequately take care of the patient health at Spokane Deaconess Hospital and at Valley Hospital.  

    Hospital work is obviously not like manufacturing lawn ornaments.  Human wealth fare is at stake.  Union members at Deaconess Hospital and at Valley Hospital felt a moral obligation to speak up and take a stand about how staffing levels are impacting their ability to take care of patients.  Moreover, union members gave the hospital plenty notice of the strike and plenty time to bring in replacement workers, which they did.  They only went on strike for one day, and then showed up for work.

    Kevin Graman reports at SpokaneWatch.net. 

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    There is a new website with Cathy McMorris Rodgers voting record.  It leaves no doubt that she is a an extreme conservative who rarely deviates from her Republican party on important national issues.  Even the Walla Walla Bulletin had this to say.

    McMorris Rodgers is a rigid conservative and highly partisan . . . [and] isn't willing to compromise on major national issues.-Editorial Board, Walla Walla Union Bulletin.

    You will want to check out the site for more details, but let's cut to the chase.  Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted with the Republican leadership 97% of the time in the 111th Congress while casting 1654 votes. This makes her one of the most partisan and conservative members of congress.  McMorris Rodgers voted for the extreme 2013 GOP Budget to end Medicare as we know it. Likewise, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers voting record agreed with the American Conservative Union 96% percent of the time. Also, the Club for Growth scored her as voting with them 94% of the time, Family Research Council 100% of the time, the National Taxpayers Union 89% of the time, and the National Chamber of Commerce 100% of the time (see 极星vpn).

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    The over all integrity of a nation will most immediately and powerfully be impacted by the models presented by its political parties.

    That modeling ought to be a natural attention-grabber.

    That modeling ought to present a public affirmation of concern for good of the country rather than political opportunism as the height of its most significant values - or the depth of its apathetic depravity.

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    Updated 2-10-2013

    厄立特里亚,远离聚光灯的神秘国度 - huanqiu.com:2021-12-30 · 环球时事 有点美哦!NASA公布星系碰撞照片 俄外长:上合峰会将如期于7月22日至23日举办 俄推出反潜新战法保卫海军基地 美军濒海战斗舰又来南海 ...

    "There seemed to be no point to the gathering other to give some gun owners an opportunity to show off their toys in public.

    What gets me, every time I see black-clad guys and gals strutting around with their weapons, is how little they have to be proud about. It takes zero courage and zero skill to own a gun. All you need is a VISA card. Shooting defenseless animals from long range, or defenseless targets, earns zero "guts points."

    I respect people who take risks ... for having the guts to risk getting hurt in the course of developing their skills.

    Ditto for combat soldiers who use their guns to fight guys who also have guns. But walking around the Oregon Capitol with an AR-15... that's ridiculously lame."

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    After a lengthy hiatus and a move to Eastern Washington, I have returned to writing on Washblog. For those interested, you can learn about how to write a blog of your own to share your own thoughts on politics or anything else.

    收评:两市调整沪指跌0.41% 金融股冲高回落贵州茅台大跌 ...:2021-10-19 · 6日讯 早盘两市微幅高开,盘初大金融板块发力,沪指走高再度收复3000点,但随后银行板块跳水,大盘翻绿,深成指、创业板指呈现横盘态势,午前市场小幅反弹后再度走弱。午后三大股指疲态尽显,震荡下行并集体收

    They have all now childishly teamed up to become a significant part of the problem with no relationship to the solution.

    The absence of any sense of civic responsibility is overwhelmingly louder than any party or broadcast rhetoric itself.

    How would you like it if these kinds of Kindergarten Konservatives were teaching your children civic values?

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    As most of you know, years ago Tim Eyman launched an successful initiative effort to require a two-thirds majority in the Washington State Legislature for the passage of new taxes.  The two-thirds majority movement has gone local.  

    The Spokane City Council recently voted in favor of placing Prop 1 for two-thirds rule on the local February ballot (along with two other issues including Prop 1 for independent investigative powers for the Spokane Police Ombudsman).  The effort for the 2/3 majority ballot title was supported by Mike Fagan (in the picture to the right), freshman city council person, and frequent co-sponsor of Eyman initiatives to reduce state revenue needed for parks, education, environmental protection, and other services from the State of Washington. Because of the number of seats on the Spokane City Council, this would effectively be a five-sevenths (5/7) majority needed to pass new revenue proposals.

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    You likely have already figured out whether you are voting for President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. However, what about for the Commissioner of Public Lands? Or Initiative 1185? Judicial races? The ProgressiveVotersGuide.com by Fuse Washington can help.
    The [2012] election has huge implications for our families, our communities, and our state. Our goal is to make smart, informed voting based on progressive values easier for you. We worked with Washington's leading progressive organizations to produce a Progressive Voters Guide based on their endorsements - your ticket to highly informed recommendations about the races on your ballot. The Progressive Voters Guide identifies the candidates with the most progressive track records and the ballot measure positions that will protect or promote progress in Washington.

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    "I wish to state that under no circumstances would I support Matt Shea for any public office," Senator Bob McCaslin (R) stated to the Spokane County Commissioners as they were deliberating who to appoint to a vacate seat to State House.

    "He [Matt Shea] is dangerous enough in the House, and would be a serious menace to good governance as a Senator" --Gary W. Smith, Spokane Valley 4th District Republican

    He was speeding like he usually does. He admits it. Leroy Norris likes to put the pedal to the metal, and last November he was returning home to his residence on the South Hill at a fast clip in his Chevy Lumina.

    Then, a pickup truck drove along-side of Leroy, and the driver pulled a handgun out of his glove box in plain view of Leroy. Leroy freaked out, and he took off at an even higher speed in fear for his life. Really, who wouldn't be afraid?

    With little or no concern for the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, or kids playing in the neighborhood, the driver of the pickup truck proceeds to chase Leroy Norris up the South Hill on Monroe Street. One or both vehicles exceeded 60-miles per hour at times through the residential area.

    媒体朋友伊,第52届超级碗,约吗!_荔枝网新闻 - JSTV.COM:2021-10-27 · 各位媒体伙伴,第52届超级碗将于2021年2月4日(美国时间)在明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯举行,目前媒体证件申请通道已经面向全球开通。流行天王贾斯汀·汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)已确认将参加第52届超级碗中场秀,届时他将为全球观众奉献一场 ...

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    "I am Sheryl Gordon McCloud, and I am running for the Washington State Supreme Court. In fact, I am the front runner for the Washington State Supreme Court now coming out of the primary election and going into the November general election. I have spent twenty-five years arguing in favor of constitutional rights in front of the Washington Supreme Court and my expertise in that has been recognized by endorsements from the Spokesman Review over to the Seattle Times. I intend to be a justice that is fair and who carries on my practice of creating a level playing field even for those who cannot afford a lawyer: Cheryl Gordon-McCloud for the Washington State Supreme Court."

    --Filmed and Edited by Eastern Washington Voters in Pullman, Wa, at the 2012 Lentil Festival this last August.


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    如何在“史上最严游戏新规”下愉快玩耍-中青在线 - cyol.com:2021-7-19 · 如何在“史上最严游戏新规”下愉快玩耍:《通知》要求,游戏出版服务单位按照《出版管理条例》《网络出版服务管理规定》等要求, 参照中国音像与数字出版协会制定的《移动游戏内容规范》,审核申请出版的移动游戏内容。

    Below are links to resources I see as especially helpful for people doing GOTV. Most of them are from a reprint of an email that I received from the League of Women Voters of Washington this morning. I've added several links on restoration of voting rights for people with prior felonies from ACLU - and information on registration deadlines (in-person voter registration is possible through October 29 in Washington) from Washington's Secretary of State.

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    Washington State Voters' Guide is Supported by Kathleen Drew for Washington State Secretary State

    I was impressed with Kathleen Drew, candidate for Washington State Secretary of State, when I met her at the Lentil Festival in Pullman a few months ago.  She had a good clear grasp of the issues affecting the Office of the Secretary of State,  including the need to more fully fund the Washington State Voters' Guide, or the Voter's pamphlet if you will.

    Below is the text of the youtube video of her, compliments of Eastern Washington Voters.  

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    Todd Mielke: When is a bribe not a bribe?

    Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke recently got some unwanted press.  Developer Lancze Douglass asked Todd Mielke for some help with some county business.  Todd Mielke allegedly turned around and asked him for a campaign contribution.

    However, Lancze Douglass would not have anything to do with it, so he told Mike Prager of the Spokesman Review the story.    

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    The Stimulus Act of 2009 has been working, and we appreciate that Jay Inslee supported it when he was in Congress.  The Act has helped create jobs in Liberty Lake, WA, and boost Washington employment in general.

    The Demand Energy project in Liberty Lake, WA, will retain and create about 90 Liberty Lake jobs in the County of Spokane. As part of the 2009 Stimulus Package, the company Demand Energy received a $1. 5 million grant to make energy storage devices for on-site users of electricity.

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    上海交通大学_央广网 - cnr.cn:上海交通大学是我国历史最悠久、享誉海内外的高等学府之一,迄今已有121年历史。可伍用三句话来概括:百廿交大因图强而生,百廿交大因改革而兴,百廿交大因人才而盛。

    As a typical egotistical, arrogant, columnist/blogger, I usually think I can express my viewpoints better than anyone else. But when it comes to summing up the Ron Paul situation, the conservative blogger Erick Erikson says everything anyone needs to know.

    This is from Erick's column today in www.redstate.com:

    "Let me get this straight.

    Twenty years ago someone put some crazy, racist stuff in newsletters bearing Ron Paul's name and written in the first person as if they were from Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul never read them.

    Ten years ago, when confronted with some of the crazy stuff (I'm trying really hard not to use "crazy s**t" here), Ron Paul says he wrote them, but they must be taken in their whole context to understand them.

    Fast forward to the present and Ron Paul never wrote them, does not know who wrote them, cannot recall the names of anyone who worked for him who might have written them, is shocked to learn he made big money off them, and people think this guy has the qualifications to be President of the United States?

    Letting someone write bat crap crazy stuff under your name, not knowing who they are or what they are doing, profiting from them, then taking responsibility before denying responsibility is credible?!

    酒店有哪些旅客不知道的秘密?-千龙网·中国首都网:2021-11-11 · 还是要小心为上,先上网看看其他客人的评论再做决定,也切勿只穿着内衣裤就坐在客房的椅子和毛毯上。有的甚至用Lysol防霉消毒剂清洗,或是用刚刚擦完洗手间地面的毛巾来擦,细菌大量滋生。

    Eric may normally be wrong about, well, everything, but he sure nails this perfectly

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    MSNBC Becomes Apologist for Mitt Romney's Klan Quotes

    环球网_全球生活新门户_环球时报旗下网站:2021-6-15 · 环球网是中国领先的国际资讯门户,拥有独立采编权的中央重点新闻网站。环球网秉承环球时报的国际视野,力求及时、客观、权威、独立地报道新闻,致力于应用前沿的互联网技术,为全球化时伋的中国互联网用户提供与国际生活相关的资讯服务、互动社区。

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      As cited in a recent Seattle P-I article, Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, chairwoman of the state Senate education committee, warned that budget
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